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Currency War & Implication to Russia Economy
In the new era of neoliberal globalization and new cold war 2 on which stands a Transnational Elite, the 'hot war' that characterizes mainly the last four decades or so cannot be launched bu reduced to a new asymetric 'currency wars'.
The Financial War Game and World Domination New!
Pentagon in 2009, conduct financial experiment within its top-secret weapons laboratory outside of Washington D.C., the Pentagon conducted its first ever “financial war game” pitting the U.S. against its major economic competitors such as China and Russia.
Chinese Yuan The New World Reserve Currency New!
Like it or not to date there is 1.33billion peoples in China holding and trusting Yuan (RMB) as transactional currency more than the total world population who’s trust and holding the Greenback.

Virtual Money
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Virtually monies are created out of thin air colaterized by oil known formally as petrodollar. More money can be created by pegging with oil reserve somewhere in the world (see video). New!
US Dollar The Deception Currency New!
It has been called "the most astounding piece of sleight of hand ever invented." The creation of money has been privatized, usurped from Congress by a private banking cartel.

Why Do Bank Want Our Deposite Money New!
When a bank makes a loan, it simply adds to the borrower’s deposit account in the bank by the amount of the loan. The money is not taken from anyone else’s deposits; it was not previously paid in to the bank by anyone.
The US Dollar Is Defended By War New!
The entire system is supported by Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP) which distorts asset values and discourages savings. The entire system is supported by Quantitative Easing (QE) which has monetized the USGovt bond market, the US property market, the US stock market, and soon possibly the US municipal bond market.
Banking System Collapse, on the Edge New!
The major global banks are all under-capitalised and this was all too apparent when Lehman Bros. collapsed. Banks were borrowing so much and so recklessly to play at the global casino that when the bets went sour, they were staring at a black-hole in the $trillions. In fact the banks are all insolvent.

Who Really Controls The Internet?
Like every other communication medium has somebody in control. Telephone systems are run by telephone companies and regulated by governments; postal services are a mixture of national monopolies and enterprise, usually regulated by governments; newspapers, TV and radio are run by corporations and regulated by -you know!- governments yet again.
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Stock Market
Strong Probability Stock Market Will CollapseNew!
Stock market bubble is a fact proped up by QE in the past 5 year since 2008 bail out. The excess monies goes mostly to stock market to put market confident. The US economy still in tatter, productivity is low since most manufacturer invested abroad

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Wall Street
The Professional Wisdom Of Wall Street.
Down through the years, Wall Street has evolved many useful "do's" and "don'ts," based upon accumulated experience and trial-and-error results of traders. In developing this wisdom, we have drawn upon the time-tested methods and experience of outstandingly successful traders and investors.
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Real Estates Versus Stock InvestmentNew
Real estate gurus such as Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki think real estate is the best way to become rich. Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch see stocks (or businesses) as the better way to go?
Multi Media & Web Sites
Can Web Sites Making Money?
Several years ago nobody care too much about Web sites making money in the short term. For sure the management team would come up with impressive business plans, but everybody reckoned that a Web site shouldn't be expected to make money until it had been up and running at least five years.
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Editorial News Brief


Summary of The Fed Ends Period of QE
Economic Implication Combined BRICS &SCO
BRICS The Coming Economic Power House

BRICS The New World Economy (NWE) vs Old World
The End of Globalization New!
Prepare For The Coming Difficult Years Ahead New!
How To Make Money In The Bear Markets.
The World Heavily Debtor Nations
Kondratieff Wave of Economic Depression 2013-2020.New!
World's Largest Creditor and Debtor Nations.New!
The Eropean Debt Web.New!
The World's Savest Bank.New!
World Economy Slows to a Walk in Rare Lockstep.
Even in Bearish, World Index Funds Keep Going.
From No Aid to a Bailout For Argentina.
Brazilian's Uneasy Despite Help From IMF.
Argentina Gets $ 8 Billion Aid from IMF.
White House Takes Soft Line on OPEC.
How to invent a brand name.
Entrepreneur of the year.
California's largest utility bankrupt.
MIT offer course material free over web.
Colleges try distance learning .
Energy chief sketches plans to curb rule limiting.
Turkey Government taps World Bank Executive.

.Personal Life Stayle Asia Xinhua News

US Special Operation Forces Command.US Advanced Electronics Warfare.

Understanding Dividends and Rights
Stock Prices are Still Far Too Low

The Fed

US Federal Reserve Policy and The Impact

Main Battle Tanks

Combat Assault Rifles

Economic & Politics
(Editorial Department)

Indonesia Economics & Politics

Fate of Indonesia State Oil Company Pertamina (SOCP) New!

Grim, Dim & Dire Indonesia State Economic Budget 2015 New!

President Jokowi Energy Policy in Indonesia. New!

The World of Scotland and Its Implication to Indonesia. New!

Indonesia and Separatism: Finding a Federalist Solution

Indonesia Economic and Political Crisis: A Challenge for US Leadership in Asia

Indonesia After Soeharto legacy

New US-Indonesia Relations: From Myth to Reality. New!

Indonesia Index of Economic Freedom

Promoting Democracy and Economic Reform in Indonesia

Future Indonesia: Asia's Yugoslavia

Indonesia reposition itself, military must follows.

Indonesia will face the same fate as Argentina with IMF.

Wahid and the future of Indonesia Democracy.

Indonesia After Soeharto
Too Soon to Resume Military-to-Miliitary Engagement with Indonesia

International Events

Reason of Japanese Economic Collapse

China Great Economic Ambition; The Maritime Silk Road

Can Russia & China Squeeze US out of Eurasia? New!

The New Oil War New!

Why the US dollar is stronger than other currencies. New!

America Role In The Up Coming Asia 2014. New!

Planning for the Future: The Role of US Forces in Nothreast Asia Security

Asian Democracy and American Interests

How to break the oil cartel

How to Invent a New IMF

Moral Hazard Goes Global: The IMF, Mexico, and Asia

Strategic Imperatives in East Asia

The President Policy Challenges in Asia.
Perspectives on US National Interest in Asia. New!

When academic Professor getting rich economically.

President Bush's World Bank grant proposal.

SPECIAL REPORT: Terror in the US


Conference News

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Information Technology
(Editorial Department)

How Google Killing The Web New!

Content Marketing vs Social Media marketing. New!

Dotcom Remain Favorable Domain Name

Application Service Providers in Health Care

Information Overflows in The Multimedia

B2B Leads in Revenue Growth

Targeted Growth Telecommunication Company in 2001

Future of broadband technology

Shifting in broadband content

How to built high traffic intranet

Can television networks control the internet

Wireless hype in The United States

How to saving time in Web design

Internet content is invaluable

Information superhigway robbery

Customer relationship management.

Fiber optic cable business.

Ericsson and IBM joint forces.

Investment focused on broadband technology.

Rivalry between direct satellite and cable TV.

GE may sell satellite unit to SES for $4.5 billion.

Alternatives sought for broadband technology.

The web, without wire, whereever.

Domain name grame. New!

Who shall inherit and control internet New!

How to E-Mail Like CEO. New!

Microsoft and AOL. New!

Big Media Vulnerable to Strike by Writers. New!

As wireless Networks Grow so do Security Fears. New!

Malaysia's Internet Road Show. New!

Number of Wireless Internet Users in Asia-Pacific

Forex Trading

Forex Trading Plan Strategy. New!

Why Fibonacci Work. New!

Fibonacci Retracement. New!

Forex Indicator Trading. New!

Trailing Stop Loss. New!

Forex Factory Discussion

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