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The History

This online media providing content news as part of the publication arm of the Restructuring and Financing Companies and Regrouping (REFICOR Group). Information Gazette is established in January 2010 as an information dissemination, and non-government sponsor online media. The REFICOR IGroup, and solely devoted to assesses the advancement of companies and its well organization.

The group is a non-affiliation to any government constituent in the country. REFICOR believes that the responsible, and good governance is the corner stone of good management.

The group managed in overseas by the Managing Director as chief executive officer, and Directors as an executive officer with the primary mission to strengthen profit as well as the dissemination of information technology from its research activities and to initiate innovation for the benefit of public in general with its impact on the economy.

The organization consists of board of advisors and executive board for policy implementation. As part of the world communities, the group is actively to establish a linkage with the overseas financial institution (banking and fund manager) in order to strengthen its advisory capability in the area of information technology and innovation.

Research Activities.

REFICOR group involves in information technology, mobile communication, and corporate policy research on information technology. Information is the main backbone of modern society and the sole interlinking of different world regardless of its geography and culture. Our main goal is to enhance well being by bringing expertise in modern financial communication technology and its impact on enterprise, government, and public in general. The new communication technology derived from technological innovation brought from research laboratory to the real world and adapted by different country and culture regardless of its location.

Researches in interbanking system communication always bring modernization to the society. It is impossible to bring different cultures and people closer together living in distance geography without the aid of advanced mobile communication and technology. The REFICOR cooperated with most advanced communication industries, universities, and world financial instritution all over the world to bring financial technology regardless of its geography and culture.

Information Department
Dr. R.H. Rusli
Senior Analyst

Senior Analyst
S.A. Bawazer
Senior Analyst
Rr Dewi.K.,SCom
Staff Analyst
Hanna Yunita.,Sm.Com
Assoc Staff Analyst

Information Technology
(Editorial Department)

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